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looking at dior couture details like


God bless you raf

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lucrative-life: Summer's good :) Basically sleeping my life away. What are you up to? BTW. We should get together sometime after school starts. We're like.. 10 minutes away from each other LOL

niceeee! Sleeping is life, so you’re definitely living it up ;) Nothing much sleeping, work, interning and doing a whole lotta nothing! :D Ouuu I think we’re going to need to do that before school starts cause Im kinda switching schools! :p If you’re ever dt on thursdays or fridays definitely holla at ya gurll (before 5), so I can stay dt and we can chillz! But sauga is always an option too! :p I’ll definitely visit laurier to get my partying in so we can chill when I come up there too!

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when you’re eating in front of your crush


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@JackHarries: Hanging out with Stacy.
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people who repeat their unfunny joke several times 


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